Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor for stock pipe??

Hey guys, i have a 2001 426 with a stock pipe and an FMF pc4 but i need a spark arrestor. Today i am going to go out and buy a Titanium 4 from fmf but i saw that pro billet makes a slide in arrestor for the stock pipe. What do you guys think i should do, cause it's a 115 bucks for this way vs. 300 for the fmf. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


If you have the FMF powercore IV squared, FMF makes a screen type spark arrestor end cap for like $40, that would be the cheapest option. I've seen the promotobillet unit at the local shop and it looks well made. I think I'd got that option before I bought another complete pipe.

thanks, i don't have a squared so i can't insert another end cap, wish i did. I think i'll prolly go with the promoto cap. It looks like a pretty good deal. thanks again.


I use the Pro-Moto and really like it. Quality workmanship. Goes right into factory and replaces endcap. You will have to buy/borrow a rivet gun and they come with proper rivets. I highly recomend it.


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