Lowering pegs on 2015 450

Just came back to blue after many years away. I am taller and on other bikes I always get the lowboy pegs. Years back on the yamahas you could cut the post, swap springs, and lower your pegs that way. It still looked doable but wanted to,check with you guys before I started cutting.

Thanks in advance.

I am a little over 6'3 and feel I have the yami set up pretty good now. Look at the fastway low boy pegs there about $120 bucks it drops them down and back a 1/2" roughly.  Ive ran them on everything just like the feel of them. As far as bars ive been runnin renthal twin walls 994 (ktm high) for years but for whatever reason they seemed low on the yami. I moved my bar mounts to the forward position but turn the bar clamps around, doing this sets your bars directly center of the fork caps which is a good place to be. Not the easiest with suspension changes but its doable. Years ago when the 05 rmz 450 came out it to was real low in front and I bought these renthal "fat bar" the bend is "RC High" and I gotta say they make a world of difference on this bike for me. Before going through a rut or sand berm my knee cup would hit my fingers ,now with the rc high its like they are made for people over 6' the standing position is very comfortable . I bought a set off motosport for $80 bucks I think in  blue :)



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Totally doable. I am doing mine next week. I cannot justify spending $130 to get lower pegs when I can spend $20 to get them welded.

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