electric or gas

Well as far as versatility & actual pressure the gas is better. But as far as washing your bike you don`t need the amount of pressure that a gas pressure washer dishes out...(not good for seals & bearings and what not :) ). Electric is much much cheaper. The one I have is electric and has about 1200 pounds of pressure and does a very good job... a gas powered washer can easily pump our double that. Even at 1200 pounds you still have to be careful with your seals & graphics...

I paid 150$ CDN (~100US) for mine and a decent gas powered washer is 4 to 5X that price, at least here anyways.

It all depends on what YOU want... Hope this helps.


which is the better pressure washer for cleaning dirt bikes? :)

I got an electric one and I'm glad that I did. Gas would have been way to powerful IMHO, although with electric you do have to have a generator if you wish to clean at the track. Even with the electric I say way back from all seals and bearings. The one I got was a factory-serviced model, works like new! It's here for $125 (model RBPW1676LE at the bottom):


Also in my experience so far, the pressure washer is a nice addition to cleaning, i.e. it makes it easier to remove a lot of stuff quickly, but when I'm done for the day of if I need to do some work I still find myself spending an hour or so with a bucket and sponge. Maybe it's just the clay-like dirt here that sticks to metal like glue..?.. Anyway, I personnly find that I cannot get the bike clean to my standards with the pressure washer alone.

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