Yet another Please Help wiring thread - Please help

Good morning everyone, been awhile since i have posted. A couple years ago i made my 2001 WR426  street legal. Got sick and didn't touch my bike for 2 years.Long story - won't bore you with it. Feel better now and want to get the lights and turn signals figured out. I have done countless searches on this subject but can't find answers to my specific problem. Lightning and turn signals never worked quite right. Here is where i am at. Any help will be appreciated. I have never been good at electronics but i'm trying to educate myself to change that. After researching  i was able to properly " float" the ground from the stator. I bought a TrailTech regulator/rectifier and a wiring harness from ProCycle for the turn signals and lights. This is what i have done so far: ran the original hot feed from stator and newly floated ground from stator to the 2 yellow wires on the R/R. Does the R/R need to be grounded to the frame or kept isolated from circuit that grounds the motor? i currently have it NOT grounded to the chassis. Then the red and black wires coming out of the R/R , i hooked to the red and black wires on the lighting harness .Is this correct or are those wires for a battery only? I was trying to not run a battery because of space issues. I have something not hooked up right as i cannot get the bike to even start now. All lights and turn signals are connected as per instructions that came with my harness. pretty confident those are correct. Does anyone have any ideas ?  Thank you very much for your time.    James

I'm not real familiar with the specifics of that wiring. Here's what I do know. On most bikes the reg/rec has to be grounded to chasis. The stator puts out ac voltage and the rr uses the ground to dump unwanted voltage. I could be wrong but that's the way a lot of charging systems work.

Forgot to mention, first check your fuse and related wiring harness. Good luck. Chasing electrical probs can be like looking for a gost. With a wiring diagram, multi meter and methodical approach all things can be tracked down. It always turns out to be something simple.

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