Stammering 2012 wr450

I doubt the problem is in the head, unless the timing chain has skipped a tooth.

You could check that without opening the head....


I still think it's a bad injector or pump.

One of the first things I did was look at the timing. If you look at the picture in my first post it shows the cam positioning with the crank solidly lined up. It looks off as I describe in the post. Going to order an injector today.

Okay found the problem.It was only the crank, cylinder, and piston.

Oh that great news! Glad it was just that. Give us some info.                                                   It all started with this blog. Thought I was all good but the overheating took its toll.  So, It is what it is. Bought a crank and cylinder kit.   Need to get a few gaskets and I will put it back together soon. Anyone know where I can download a service manual? Looks like I'm going to spend, about a grand in parts for this one. The WR is still a fantastic bike, I just pushed the envelope. I'm sure you'll here from me during my rebuild so thanks in advance. Thanks everyone for your help on this one, keep you posted.

heads cherokee wr450engine dave 071.JPG

Nice discount. Thanks you just saved me 170.00. I only paid 185.00 for the crank, removed from a brand new bike.

Glad your getting it sorted. Looks like you have a sufficient supply of CDs for the rebuild.

Anyone know where I can download an engine diagram?

Never posted final results so here go's. Yes my motor could have used a rebuild, but this was not my problem. Once the new motor was installed, I still had stammering. You should hae seen the look on my face! For a stammering 2012 WR450f, Check your AIRBOX well. Holes made by exhaust. One way this can happen is your FMF pipe mounting bracket snaps causing it to rub against airbox. also check throttle body boot to airbox, make sure all is seated and sealed properly. Once I replaced my airbox and boot, Problem solved....

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