Does the woodruff problem all go away w/ the '04 starter upgrade?

I'm seriously considering an '03 WR450, but I just want to know if all problems with the woodruff key go away when you upgrade to the '04 starter conversion. So I wouldn't necessarily have any more issues when this is completed? :)

5spoke has had a back fire and a large clunk from the torque limiter. His bike restarted ands kept going fine. All indications show that there are no failures to date on an 04 or a converted 03. :)

Can't speak for the retrofit but I have had zero problems with my '04. I have well over a 1000 miles on it at this point almost exclusively electric start. One thing if you get an '03 with the original stock jetting make sure to rejet it. The 03's came jetted extremely lean which IMO aggravated the situation.

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