2013 Oil Drain Plug(s) Size? GYTR Mistake?

Bought a Yamaha GYTR magnetic oil drain plug and was surprised to see that it is not the correct size. I confirmed the part # on the Yamaha website and the packaging even says it will fit the bike. Has anybody else had any issues with something like this?


The '03 - '09 models used the bolt you have in the "oil tank" section, the front drain on the left.  The bigger, 10mm size goes in the rear drain for the sump/crankcase/trans.


Hardly ever see a mag drain in 8mm, but in truth, all the metal that gets shed goes in the sump, and most of it is from the gearbox, anyway, so the sump drain is really a more effective place to put it.

Both my sump and tank drain bolts are the same size so I guess Yamaha just dropped the ball on this particular GYTR part.

Somebody wasn't payin' attention.

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