What can i do to make my 95' XR660 start easier?

I was told to turn on the gas, choke it, pull the compression lever and kick through about 10 times, then turn over to TDC, then full kick till start.

What can be done to aid in my starting this beast? Is something out of adjustment that needs to be tweeked? Is my method normal? This is my first dirt bike in MANY years. When it is running, it runs great.



Check that your valves are adjusted.

Is it jetted correctly?

Is the airfilter over oiled?

Are there any air leaks on the airbox or boot?

Has it been sitting a long time-you may have some varnish in the carb...

Yes- for all four strokes that are hard starting-kick it thru 10 (or 20!) times with the compression lever in.

Then find TDC, go past it a little bit, and kick it all the way thru.

Or buy a pumper carb like the Edelbrock. It'll start in 1-2 kicks.

Where can I find this pumper carb and is expensive?

I just bought the bike used so I will need to spend some time checking things out. Thanks for the tips on things to check.

call Rob at Barnumspro.com

He has the best prices on pumper carbs. Plus he can help you with that bike in general. Nice guy-easy to talk to. Good resource, and he's a TT supporter.

My starting method: 1. choke on, pump throttle 5 times 2. hold decompression, very slowly kick all the way down. release decomp and let kick starter go up 3. then i turn the kick till i hear a click. When it clicks i give it about 2 quick kicks and it starts right up. if it doesnt start, then repeat process without pumping thottle. Sometimes if its being a B**** ill repeat this process but without the choke. After that, the bike has always started for me. :)

turn on the gas

choke it

slowly push the kickstarter down to turn the motor over to tdc ( push gets harder )

keep the throttle CLOSED

kick it through


I had time to tear into the carb today and I think I solved (if not helped) my problem with starting the BRP.

The choke lever was not connected to the choke blade. I thought I was chokeing but it was doing nothing. I was able to clean out the carbs a little and manually move the choke blade then it fired up in about 1/4 of the time it took before. I can live with that I suppose. I'm sure after the carb is primed it will be ready sooner with a normal start.

I wonder if you can put an electric start on a XR600?


My XR6 is usually a one start bike. As stated before, choke it, pull decomp lever, kick it through 15 times while holding the throttle open 1/8. Release decomp and kick slowly until you feel pressure (reaching TDC), then pull decomp and get just past the pressure. Now bring the lever up all the way and give it one good kick.

Once you have the bike running do not rev it, but let it idle for a few minutes with full choke. Next, move the choke to the middle position and let it run a few more minutes. Finally, open the choke and ride. It is a process, but works very well.


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