'15 WR450 street mod parts recommendations needed

I am needing input on what brand/model parts and where a good place to buy is for turning a new WR450F into a road legal dual sport. 

I will need:

1. Horn

2. Mirror

3. Brake light

4. DOT tires


Do any of the brake light adapter kits work with both front and rear brake or only foot (rear)? 

I am not seeking a supermoto build, but a true trail bike that can pass code is all. 


Thanks for the help!

Looking at tires I am considering the Dunlop d606 for the rear. Fairly knarly, but DOT approved. A buddy just put a trials on his that is suppose to be good. It just doesn't look very mean though. He hasn't got it on the trail yet to review. The Michelin T63 is another one I'm eyeing. 

I put Pirelli Scorpion XC tires on an XCW that I have for DOT tires. I also like the Metzler 6-Day Extreme, it's also a DOT tire, I run this front on every bike I have. Tire life not the greatest but it does hook up.

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