2012+ WR450 cooling fan kit

Looks great. I have the same braces and tank. I am curious what mod you did to your brace and do the screws that hold the fan to the brace interfere or contact the radiator fins?

Figured it out… here they are.





I removed some of the brace material that goes across the radiator to open up the flow so the fan can pull more air, I figured a weak brace is better than none if I removed it so the fan kit would fit. I used the existing screws from the fan kit and they had plenty of clearance from the radiator core and fins. Only two would line up and it is not really going to go anywhere, I have seen similar fan installs with only zip ties (not pretty but worked) Keep the electrical connection and wire as far away from the exhaust as possible, 9 o’clock position worked out good. I probably should have taken before and after pictures of the extra material and where I drilled the screw holes, sorry. You will see the clearance issues with the inner rad brace mount bolt if you decide to go the same route as I did, the assembly will be similar to the fan kit. I also had to trim a very small amount off the radiator shroud next to the fan screw boss to make everything fit where I wanted it. Measure twice and cut/drill once, haha. Hope this helped.

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Ive got it and absoloutly love it. Favorite part is how you can turn off the bike and it still operates until temps go under 185. Really nice unit. My friend has same kit and his git shipped with a blown fuse, he was spewing all day on a tight trail run. His was in the 220° range while mone never got over 205 while stopped. Turned the bike off and mine would cool to 185 in minutes while his never got under 220. Very nice piece of equipment!

Figured it out… here they are.



I just installed mine today on a 2014 and came to the same outcome on brace layout.

I didn't see anything in the instructions on recommended temperature setting. Do you have any insight on your setup?

I set my fan to 150 and rode around my street and noticed the engine temp dropped to 130, keep in mind it was putting around and no real load. I will need to readjust when I hit the trail this weekend and guess I will set it around 180, hope this helped. You will need to set yours to your riding conditions to keep it from getting too hot.

I installed the Trail Tech cooling fan today. Actually easy to install with the exception of tightening the rear center radiator bolt where the inside fan bracket fits. I had a major hard time getting a wrench on the bolt head after the fan was installed. So I took the 4 fan mounting screws out to remove the fan & I could easily tighten the bolt. Then I installed the fan on the bracket & reinstalled the 4 torq head mounting screws. Very easy. Other than that it was an easy install.

I installed the trail tech kit today and got it to work well with my gytr radiator braces.  I trimmed out some of the brace to open air flow.  I also was able to drill a small hole where the top left screw is and screw the fan to the brace.  It made it harder to get to the back radiator bolt but with a small enough wrench I finally got it. The reason I drilled and hole and used the screw was because I wanted to make sure the fan was secured very well to the brace.  Everything else lined up and other than having to bend and few of the mounting brackets into place it all fit.    








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