Have I bought the wrong bike for me (WR450)?

Practice tracks and races


WOR, Fast Eddy, AMCA

Can usually find something for every weekend between march and October


Have a look on Enduro News for events near you

Isn't Rogers Hill Raceway somewhere in Dorset?


Also found this, which is next wkend in Dorset


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 I put a KTM sticker on mine, and it exploded




I put a Harley sticker on mine and it go slower


Sounds like you are not a strong/experienced enough rider to handle this bike

Perhaps try a WR250 or get an older DR350 in nice condition

Snow drift,

Buy ktm 300 and you will fall in love. I used to have one too before trying big blue four stroke.

Nothing will replace seat time, nothing. When I sold my 07 WR450 my brother let me use his XR650. Man did I hate that bike but after a month of riding it regularly in the mountains I was really starting to ride it well (no jumping lol). I would never own a XR650 but seat time really helped me on it. Then I got my new WR and it felt so light.....lol Just keep riding and you and the bike will become one.....wax on, wax off....lol

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