Baja 1000 ?

I just received my copy of ATV Sport magazine. That's what I'm getting now since REV magazine took a dump. Thanks a lot EHLERT publishing. :D:)

Anyway, half the issue is filled with Honda's winning effort in Baja with the new TRX450R. Tim Farr and team finished almost an hour ahead of everyone else. Honda obviously wanted the win for the debut of the atv just as bad as they wanted the win on the bikes. Did they go to the same lengths to cheat on the quad as they did on the 650?

By the way, the Roll Design XR650R powered quad looks like

a work of art. Race it on the weekends and use for a farm tractor during the week. :D It took 3rd OA.

Sorry for the OT post but I'm just sitting here watching the ice melt. :D

I am in agreeance with cheating is bad but Sal always says to teh racers..."see you at the checks and see you at the finish!"...anything goes I guess. I would jsut drop in 100 yards from the checks out of the chopper and would win by several hours and say..."I hit all the checks!"

Stonewall Buddy, Looking at your avatar, somehow I don't think you are just looking at ice melting! Hubba Hubba! :):D

yeah they won by over an hour...

Meahwhile at all the BITD off road races the top Pro quads are seperated by a few minutes at the finish line. Why cant Honda duplicate those kinds of one hour + wins at long races like 24 Hour of Glenn Helen, Vegas to Reno, Parker 250, etc....? Yeah. Thats why.

Honda: Great machines. Great company. Great motocross team, Great Moto GP Bikes, ...and an off-road effort that is out of control...:)

If you want to know the answer to your question of how Honda won by over an hour at the 1000, just ask Temecula Motorsports. They had just as much pre-running on their full blown quad effort, a helicopter hovering over their quad, etc., etc.

"Curiously" Temecula Motorsports (a fantastic supporter of desert racing) didnt race bikes down there this year... Hmmm, i wonder why....

Was it Temecula Motorsports that had the 650 powered quad?

I shouldn't have brought this up. Irondude is boiling over again. :D :D

Seriously though, it would be frustrating as hell to try and mount a serious effort when you knew the win was out of reach because of cheating. I've been through that before.

Seems to me, if the word gets out, it would hurt Honda a whole lot more than helping them. :)

Stonewall Buddy, Looking at your avatar, somehow I don't think you are just looking at ice melting! Hubba Hubba!

:D:):D :D :D :D

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