Wanting an older YZ for the dunes

So I had a 2013 YZ 450 and I loved the power and suspension of the bike, but I ride mostly tight single track and it was just too much in the woods.  I never used any of its power.  I did take it to the dunes a few times and loved it there.  


However, I sold the bike and bought a 250f for the woods, but I am concerned that I will be revving the piss out of it at the dunes.  So here is my question.....  I would like to get another 450, but an older one this time, because it is going to sit in the garage mostly except for the occasional dune trip.  If I go with say an 06 thru 09 YZ, how different are they going to feel from the 2013 I had?


Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

The 06-09s will feel a little smaller the radiator shrouds because they are. The 10-13 are a noticeably a little wider when riding. 14+ not so much. I think I'd get an 06 or 7 out of those years. The 08 motor was "down tuned" and might need and exhaust and other mods.

I would have guessed a little newer would be better so that's good to know. My 2013 felt pretty nimble for a 45 . How would an 06 feel? Nimble or kind of a tank?

Thank you for input

The 14 I rode felt a bit more frisky if you will, with the EFI. Handling seemed similar as for weight.. the new ones turn quicker with the mass centralized

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I think my '11 feels more "tankish" than the 06-9s

Okay, Thank you for the replies.  I found an 09 that is pretty nice, but trying to talk the guy down on price :)

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