Is this normal?

I bought a supermoto wheel and it had a hub for a newer wr so I took the hub off my dirt tire i was looking at them today so see if the bearing are the same size and they were but the one that was originally on my dirt tire had this sleeve in it in curious if thats normal or if te guy who previously owned it put that in because its a talon hub ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1431654438.144066.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1431654461.645167.jpg

Most bikes do have a sleeve like that as it is a spacer to get the width of the wheel to the correct size to fit nicely between the forks.

That one looks wrong in diameter though as the outside diameter of the spacer needs to be the same size as the inside diameter of the rubber seal in order to prevent dirt and water from getting inside the hub. If it is not sealed up dirt and water will trash out your bearings or even the hub real fast.

Since the hub has been changed they might have just used the original spacer but it needs to be bigger in diameter so it fits against the seal, OR an easier fix would be to take the old seal AND spacer to a seal and bearing shop and get a new seal the same outside diameter and width, but with an inside diameter the same as that spacer. A good bearing shop can measure it and might even have one in stock. Usually can order them in if not in stock in about a week.

Okay awesome thanks so much

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