YZ426 Conversion, powering lights? wiring? speedo?

I recently picked up a 2001 yz426f and I love it. Originally I knew I was going to convert it but it seems the previous owner did too. As you can see it has an aftermarket headlight (wired somewhere, I'm not sure yet) also has hour meter, and came with a tail light/tag mount. It's not a perfect bike, it needs new fork seals and has a gas spewing error I'm assuming from the float in the carb. I need to bleed the brakes, but over all it runs excellent. I've called baja designs, trail tech, and bike bandit. They are all telling me to get the WR426 stator to run the lights, got some prices for that and it comes to $426 not to even mention the wiring harness and switches or even the whole kit I need to get from baja designs. Yes, this is my first conversion but the hard part is finished! Some how I already have the tag for it, something like the dmv said you have a year to inspect it if it is an out of state title. I am just not sure what lights to get for the cheap, legal enough to where if I get pulled over I can show the cop they work, and a 24/7 tail light and also a speedo (which I am not even sure how to hook up any of this). I do not know if the previous owner converted the stator before me, I have to think so if he has this thing fitted for lights. Anyone with suggestions? I really want to get this on the road by next week end. 


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