1991 Question...

I'm servicing my buddies 1991 XR600 and have a couple of questions. Please help.

1.) Is the only drain plug on the frame below the oil tank? No sump plug?

2.) What is the refill capacity?


There is also a drain plug at the base of the the frame tube oil resevoir. Both must be drained. It is preferable that you replace both drain plug gaskets. Aslo be sure to hit the torque specs on the oil filter cover to prevent leaks. The oil capacity on a stock(not rebuilt) XR600 is just over 2 quarts(I use castrol GTX 20-50) but it is best to use the dip stick to make sure you have enough oil in there. To do this pour 1 quart into the frame tube oil resevoir, replace the cap and start the bike. As the bike warms up(allow to run for just a minute or two) the oil will be sucked into the engine and you can shut it down and add more. As you get close to 2 quarts let the bike warm up completely and fill to the appropriate level on the dip stick.

Good luck

Thanks for the tips, great advice!!

Not to be a complete idiot but I cannot find the other drain plug. I found the one on the frame tube just up from the skid cage but nothing else in sight.

??? :)

Gotcha- the other drain plug is on the side of the case not the bottom, look by where the footpeg bolts up, maybe a little foreward from there. I think its like a 17mm bolt

hope thhat helps

I found it!! :)



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