2014 – 15 Seat Covers – Forward Gas Cap Section

I want to install a new seat cover for my 2014 YZ450F. From the pictures I’ve seen online, others have just not changed the forward gas cap section of the seat cover or gone with a new black cover to match.


If you have changed your seat cover and also done the gas cap section, how did you attached the cover? Did you just staple the new cover over the old one or did you do something else?


Any pictures of your work would be nice too!


Thank you in advance for replying.

first grab a beer or two, sit down in your tv room put on some MX stuff.. then take off the old cover, using a screwdriver and pliers to remove the staples. Put the new cover on using a staple gun. you need to take your time and more than likely will have to remove staples to tighten the cover more and re-staple.   the two bolt attachments on the seat are tricky as well.. not much room to get staples in there.. but if i can do it you should have no problems. 




Just put one on a 14 250f this last weekend, it was from Moto Seat and came with a cover for the gas cap section that matched the seat cover that my friend ordered. The stock gas cap cover piece has seat cover material built into the foam so you cant remove the material, just use a stapler and push hard before you staple to make sure youre hitting the plastic underneath the foam. Some places are foam only, the plastic frame that is part of that piece isn't very big. As far as the actual seat part just remove stock seat cover and staple the new one on, I always go back with a flat head screw driver and make sure all the staples are pushed down as far as they will go into the plastic. Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply. I've done several whole seat covers in the past so I was not worried about that.

I wanted to make sure I do the gas cap section right and not ruin the small cover while experimenting with the best way to attach it.

I'll just have to give it a try and see what happens.

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