***Used Stock Bearings***

Hey! Just had an idea "STAND BACK" Anyone have some stock bearings still laying around for the swingarm and linkage, from replacing with new ones? I will pay for the shipping to my address, if they are good needles(PLEASE! no bad ones). This would be great, will take that space up in the bearing case. Let me know, yz426f@msn.com ~Hitman~

what are you gonna do with used bearings? :)

Originally posted by txthumper:

what are you gonna do with used bearings? :D

Here this should answer your question.

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posted February 16, 2002 05:34 PM




Originally posted by crazyadam:

Clean it all out and get some good moly grease! Mobil 1 is good. pack it in!


I am doing the same thing to my bike, that is greasing the bearings. The only problem is, I don't like the idea of taking that stuff out :)

If you take all that stuff out, the needle bearings will only cover half the space in the bearing case(That can not be good) :D

What is keeping the needle bearings from grouping together? Is there somewhere you can get just the needle bearings, so you can put a few more in? :D

This way you will have even distribution in the bearing case. :D I will be leaving my yellow crap in and add what grease I can get in. Unless I can find some extra needle bearing to put in the yellow craps place.

Looks like some are in a metal case to, are you tearing that out to? :D

Any help will be greatly appreciated, :D THANX! ~Hitman~

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