DR. D Hot start Bulk buy

Sorry to all, but I have been very busy and have not been on TT in a little while. I did not know this topic was going so crazy! I have not read all the post but I do want to respond to you.

Of course I have the capibility to sell my products for what ever I want, BUT and this is a big BUT, I also sell products to a distributor and dealers. I must be fair to all my customers, TT members included. I would love to accompidate you in a bulk buy but unfortunately I will not be able to do this. My current discount of 10% off is what I can do for TT members and I will also do free shipping on the hot starts. I feel this is being more than fair with all of you.

I agree with who ever said I would make more money selling at a bulk buy because I could sell 3X as many hot starts. This is so true...BUT...I do have to protect my distributors and dealers...without them, my products would sit stale in the water.

I truely appreciate all TT support and I truely hope you all can understand where Dubach Racing stands on this issue. I try my best to provide you with the best support I can and am open to your suggestions or comments on this topic.


Gina Dubach


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