wr426 muffler

hi im looking for a quiet muffler for my wr426, i got mine all street legal, but it is so loud that the neighbors are starting to complain, please help! i have a 2002 wr426

FMF Q series pipe.  Way better performance than the stock pipe with the stock pea-shooter insert, better than the stock with the GYTR tip.  It is also considerably lighter and when packed properly will be about the quietest you can get the bike, with the exception of the stock can with the pea-shooter.  I was just sound checked 2 weekends ago with a freshly packed pipe at 92 dB.


What pipe are you running now?

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thanks, im honestly not sure if i have the stock one or some weird aftermarket one, i just bought it from a guy who put a bunch of new stuff on it

Take a picture of you pipe and it'll get identified really quickly.  The stock can is perfectly round and shiny stainless steel, with the mounting tab on the top of the can.  The spark arrestor assembly is secured with 3 hex-head screws.  Should also have a part number starting with YNG (or something like that) somewhere near the endcap, on the body if I remember correctly.

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