Decomp plugs, please read


The last run of decomp plugs are sold out. I expect to have more in 7-10 days.

The new plugs will be type II hard anodized in blue, some of you already have some of the samples the anodizing shop did for me. The anodized plugs look better, will resist staining and have a slightly harder surface. I'm also in the process of having the lip seals made, they will add about $3 to the price ($5-6 from Yamaha)and be available in 3-4 weeks. That is the good news......

Bad news is that there are too many folks who haven't paid on the honor system or paid with NSF checks. Repeated attempts to contact these individuals have failed. A BIG thanks to all who have paid.

The new plugs will be $10 and pay with money order or Paypal up front.

Whats a decomp plug?

If you'll take a look at the upper right hand side/front of your cyl. head you'll see where the manual decomp shaft lever went into the head on the 98-02 bikes. On the 03-04 bikes the head has all the same casting, machining and the retention screw as the 98-02 except they installed a "cheezy" rubber plug to blank off the hole that used to house the decomp shaft.

These plugs have been blowing out leaving riders stranded with an oil mess and a open hole in the front of their engine. There have been a few reported on the 04's but the problem is mainly with the 03's and the 98-02 bikes that have the 03 cam installed.

I have an 02, 426, did the cam mod and installed the 03 rubber plug and had it blow out. The aluminum decomp plug solves this problem.

I don't want to open a can of worms here, I'm sure that you are putting out a good product that everyone is thankful for. I'm also considering going to the 450 cam in my 400. But, how is what your doing here any different than what Unabiker was doing with the radiator guards he was making. TT pretty much shut him down for that one. Some people were for and some were against. Personally, I'm for what you're doing and what Unabiker was doing. But, they are letting you do your thing...He's not allowed to do his. I think if you are offereing a unique product, or a better product than what can be purchased elsewhere, then do it. But, why won't they allow Unabiker to sell his radiator guards.

Sorry to jump on your post. You've got a great product. Just thought I would get other's opinion. :)

Cause TT does not sell decomp plugs so no competition.

TT store sells radiator guards.

As soon as White Bros sells a decomp plug Bryon will shut vibeguy down.

just my .02

I'm really not trying to be anal, just making a point. When they got on Unabiker for selling the guards, they said the issue was with the paid advertisers. I don't even think that they were running the TT store then. This was last year sometime.

Good luck to vibeguy with the plugs, and goodluck to Unabiker whose now selling the guards on ebay.


I sent a PM to Brian or Steve right up front asking them if there was a problem with selling the plugs on TT. I'm unfamilliar with the rad braces sale so I can't comment about that.

I had no idea the plugs would be this popular. If you figure in the time I spend on this and what I sell the plugs for I'm making about $.07 an hour. Believe me, I would much rather send a bunch of them to the TT store and let them sell the plugs.

"As soon as White Bros sells a decomp plug Bryon will shut vibeguy down.

just my .02"

The Provisional Patent I hold on the decomp plugs is for sale if White Brothers (or anyone else) would like to purchase it.

Any one interested in paying $29.95 for a decomp plug?

Fritz, you're a bad, bad man.


Oh, yeah, remind me to tell you about my job interview two days ago...

I'm sure you did ask vibeguy (Not sarcastic) I just don't understand the double standards. Nothing at all against you. I think what you're doing is great, I thought what Bryan was doing was also great. This was a big issue then. A lot of people had opinions on it. Some for, some against. Seems like the TT owners took a pretty hard stand on it, and basically shut Bryan down.

When you get the new plugs in send me a PM and I buy one. :)

PM me when you get the plug and seal. we can do the PayPal so you get paid. Sounds like a great product. :)

if your putting a list together to pm when ready, put me on it. thanks


Please PM me with your name and address that way I don't have to chase everyone down. Once I get the PM I'll put you on the list and PM you with payment info when the plugs are ready to ship.

I Talked with the CNC shop yesterday, the plugs will be shipped to the anodizing shop on the 26th, the anodizing should take 3-4 days so I expect to have the plugs in hand around the 1st.

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