Anyone else want a Kouba?

I am new to this board and I just missed out on the Kouba buy. I don't mind paying full price, but I don't need two and with the $25 shipping min, we don't have any other choice. Anyone willing to buy one if I get two?

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I might take two....How much are they?

If NH_Kevin doesnt have any more Kouba's...make one like I did (and a few other members on this board) it costs about $3-4 total and takes about 30 mins. to make the part. Quite a few people have had problems with the quick adjust fuel screws falling if you make/buy one dont turn the fuelscrew out past 2 turns! I have had mine on for about 4-5 months and it works great (@ 1 3/4 turns out)! Later,



Regular price is $16 each, but your min order must be at least $25. Here is the link.

I just ordered one each for me and Phillip.

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