Play in Rear Suspension - Common Culprit?

I have some play and I "think" I traced it to the rear part of the link just below the swing arm connection.  when looking at the part and bearings they appear to be in new condition (no wear) which is why I am not 100% sure that is where it is coming from.  Is that normally the location that play develops in the rear suspension or is there another bearing that normally goes out first?  the reason I ask is (for example) on the Honda it is always the top shock bearing even though it may feel like the play is coming from another location. 


BTW, this is on a 06 YZ250F and I posted the question on that forum, but not many people have had this issue and someone suggested I posted here.  thanks for the help.

Minor wear in all of the pivot bearings will create enough "slop" to be noticeable at the rear wheel. If the lower shock/pivot bearings are old, replace them all. It will most likely eliminate all of the play.

On my old 400 it tends to wear out the little pivot/bearing that mounts in the bottom of the rear shock. It is sort of like a Heim joint affair and is pressed in and I believe it also has a circlip on it as well. Not sure but I bet they are all done pretty similar to that... on the Yamaha's anyway.

I found I could REPLACE it, (cause I AM LAZY!) by taking the lower shock bolt out, letting it hang down so you can get to it and then take the cir clip out...I believe it only presses out in one direction too....been a while since I did it. I used a couple different sized sockets and deep sockets and a fairly large c-clamp and was able to push it out using the c-clamp and sockets. Pushed it in the same way too. That made it a real quick and easy job!

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