Oil cooler for air cooled XR600

Anyone heard of putting an oil cooler on an air cooled pig? Someone told me about taking one from an XR400. any ideas? pros/cons, problems. solutions, etc.


I do not know much details but I have seen 600's with them and I believe they are from XR400's.

that one looks too vulnerable. i think the one off an xr400 or 250 would be better.

Summer's Racing sells a kit also:


Thanx for the insights... but boy those things cost fortune! I'll put it on the list for down the road.

SRC sells the kit but also has this to say in one of their Tech Bulletins:

"We have a lot of enthusiasts ask us if we recommend that they install an oil cooler. An oil cooler is only needed if the engine oil temperature reaches and is sustained at 300ºF or higher for long periods. The most convenient way to know how hot your engine is running is to install a thermometer dipstick."

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