07 WR450F what wheels fit?

hey guys I'm new here and i have a 2007 wr450 and i have 17" motard wheels only. I'm looking to get dirt rims and tires. i can buy a set of 08 yz450f rims front and rear. will they fit? i have looked around in other threads but have not came up with anything specific for my situation. any other year/size yzf wheels fit.




wr450 2.jpg




YZ/YZF are 19" rear

The fronts don't have speedo drive


So if you want a speedo drive and an 18" rear then you need WR wheels


YZ250 / YZF/WR450's have 2.15ins wide rear rim, YZ125 / YZF/WR250's have narrower 1.85ins rim


So, yes they will fit, but you will have no speedo drive and the rear will be 19ins x 2.15


2009 & up YZF's have a different reear hub so will not fit

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They will fit, but you will need YZ wheel spacers

As mentioned, you probably don't want a 19" rear wheel, unless you are riding groomed indoor tracks.....

The 19" rear is better for any and all MX work, groomed or not.  The tires are significantly lighter than the 18" alternatives, and that has a definitely discernible effect on handling, both on the ground and while airborne.   For most off-road and trail riding, the 18" puts more rubber between the ground and the rim, which lets you use less pressure without pinch flats, which in turn improves the ability to crawl over odd obstacles such as rocks and roots.  For desert riding and racing it's a personal preference toss-up between the favorable high speed qualities of the 19" and the favorable lower speed abilities of the 18".  

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