New Breakthrough in Grips

Saw a new Pre-Production type of grip. If any of you are avid mountain bikers than you know all about the ODI lock on grips. Well, it looks as if that same idea will be coming out in motocross form. Kick A$$ idea!! What do you guys think???

Yeah, I think it's a great the way, what are they??? Will the 'pre-production type of grip' also be useful on post-production dirtbikes?

I have SERFAS grips on my JAMIS (MTB) and love them. The ODI is the same... a lock-on grip, on a sleeve. Easy on and off.. with a screw (clamp) at each end! :D NO MORE SAFETY WIRE!!

The ones I've been using have held up great for a whole season. They are a mesh type sleeve, plastic, about .5mm thick, with nice soft, strong rubber molded to the mesh... Whatever :D

THEY WORK, and I'll try them on the bike. :)

There was a PIC in DIRT BIKE.. I think. (too many mags to keep them straight)

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