Running with a known bad regulator/rectifier

Can running the bike with a blown regulator/rectifier likely cause harm to other electrical system components?  


I have the Tusk lighting kit (which has a OFF-LOW-HIGH headlight switch), and while I normally just leave the headlight off, I do run the light on if I'm on roads.  I noticed recently that both the low and high beam filaments had burned out.  That should have been my clue, but instead I bought a sweet $35 PIAA HM6 super white bulb, installed it, started it up, saw some very impressive light at idle when I hit the switch, then when I revved it, got a bright pink, blue, and purple light show, followed by burn out.  All grounds check good.  


 AC voltage output at idle (1700 rpm) bounces a bit between 14.8-15.2V, but as soon as I rev it, it'll spike off-scale high and then settle out somewhere around 25V with a constant 3500-4000 rpm.


So what I'm really wondering is can I run the bike without potentially frying other components (namely, ignition).  It seems to start and run fine right now and I'm actually not sure how long I've been running with the headlight burned out.  But if it's not a good idea, then I'll quit until I get the part.


Also open to any regulator/rectifier replacement ideas ($95 for OEM from, or cheap eBay Chinese special).  I'm not planning to upgrade the power system because I really don't need more than it provides.



Too much voltage and current

Any idea of what the designed input voltage range is for the CDI?

Any idea of what the designed input voltage range is for the CDI?

You can have my stock one off of my '07 450. I took it off in '09 when I dual sported it.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432302439.338279.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432302451.020075.jpg

PM sent!  You rock.

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