Need help!

Hey was riding My Yzf 426 2002 and it stalled. The kick jammed up and wouldn't move. I put it in the highest gear and managed to get it to turn over and this released the kick again. The bike starts first kick but idles for a minute and stalls again and kick jammed up again. I done the same procedure and it has released the kick again. I'm new to bikes so don't have a clue so any help would be much appreciated thanks.

Does the bike have a manual decompression lever on it?  Does using that free the kick starter?

Yeah it has decompression lever and it doesn't release the kick when it jammed. Had to put it in highest gear and push it till it turned over then it released the kick?

Sounds like you will need to remove the right side crankcase cover and see what's going on with the starter assembly, but there are two other possibilities. 


Something to check first would be to see if the starter will turn the engine over repeatedly without jamming while you hold the decomp lever.  If it won't, the problem in very likely with the starter itself.


If you normally don't need the decomp for starting, the bike may have had an auto decompression cam installed by the previous owner, and it may have skipped time, making the auto decomp ineffective.  That doesn't comport with the observation that using the decomp lever does not free the engine, though, so it seems unlikely.


The other scenario is a failing rod bearing.  The wear to the bearing, crank pin, and cage can be great enough to allow the rollers to skew out of line with the pin and act like a roller clutch, locking the crank up temporarily.  This would be the first place to look if the kick starter seems OK.

I need to use the decompression lever to start it. If I hold the decompression lever in it allows me to kick it repeatedly without it jamming it's only when it fires up after a mi

Minute it stalls and jams up

Sounds more and more like the crank every minute.  It's probably what's causing the stall.

That's great bud thanks for your help. How big a job is this to fix?

Remove the engine, split the cases, so on....

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