2005 Front Suspension set up - oil & settings?

Hi all


I'm guessing this has been asked many times but here goes!


I'm going to change my fork seals (yes, probably don't need to change them, just need a clean but I've got the forks off the bike and I've bought new seals  ;) )


So, what oil do you recommend I use and what weight/specification?

Also, how much? I heard/read that it's good to use a little more than suggested? 


I'll probably look at getting them re-valved/new springs next year but for this year I'm just going to ride them as is!


Any help or direction is much appreciated  :thumbsup:

No one???  :(

No one???  :(

I used 5wt Maxima oil, set at 4" below the fork tube (collapsed/no spring) and it seems to work ok.  You will need 3 pints of oil.  

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