Leaking Oil

Since my lower end rebuild I have noticed some oil coming from my ignition cover. I did not pull the crank from that side so I don't think it's the crank bearing. I did not replace the cover gasket so I hope that's all it is.

I guess some oil is normal BEHIND the cover which I dscovered when I tore it apart. It seemed really odd to me, but I am told that that it is normal to have seepage BEHIND the cover.

Have not pulled it apart yet so just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.



TtT=To the Top

G-man.....I just got my '01 426 a few weeks ago. I was riding it the other day and noticed some oil under my ignition cover. Not sure if it is coming from that or the blow over tube but I am going to keep an eye on it.

Let me know if you find out anything.

I have a 99' and I have developed a very slow leak on the right side of the case. Not the filter cover nor the clutch cover but I think it is the right side case.........any Ideas on how much of a pain in the A$$ it would be to chang the gasket or should I leave it alone?

very slow....rather seap.......

just enuf to collect dust on the skid plate... :)

Gary, everything under the ignition cover is bathed in oil, not merely a littel seepage. This is by design. Put a new gasket on it and you'll be fine.

Rock Hucker, teh right side cover gasket isn't too hard to change but is a bit time consuming. Be careful to grab every o-ring before it falls into a black hole. Most every passage is sealed with an o-ring (coolant, oil, peanut butter, etc.).

Thanks Tuner,

You da man!

Also check the timing plugs and their o-rings. Mine came loose on a ride and made a mess of my boot.

Still no bike yet, looks to be next week now. :)

G, you finally fixed that loose nut above the cylinder head - now there is another loose nut on your bike - Yikes!

BTW, how's the new gig???

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