Is there a simple answer (GYTR Power Tuner)

After doing a search I still cannot tell.  Each time I plug in to my 10' yz450f it will give me hours, temp, idle speed, etc but will not put new map information on my bike telling me I am not connected to the ECU.  Is there a fix for this?  Pretty expensive little gizmo to read the hours. I have put fresh batteries in the tuner.  I have tried having the bike running then connecting, connecting and then starting the bike with no change in results.  

That's weird, if its showing hours then it is connected to ecu. You can only change the map while the motor is not running.

Mine did freak out once when I used cheap batteries.

Also you might have a look at the harness on the bike, I have a friend that pulled the wire out of it and was the same failure to connect.

Well, maybe I just dumb assed it. I had no idea it could not be running. Gonna head out and give it a shot. Let ya know what happens. Thanks. Hope it's that simple.

I feel so stupid and so happy at the same time. Not having the bike running makes a huge difference. Not having a instruction manual come with that when I bought the bike used and thinking the bike must be have to be running for it to work. Transferred it in no time at all. Can't wait to try out some different maps. Thank you so much for the response.

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