The BRP's new stablemate??????

I have the chance to pick up a cherry '01 KTM 250 EXC for less than $2,000. It has way too many extras to list including several sets of new tires and a BD dual sport kit still in the box. It's still on the original tires and chain/sprockets. Except for some VERY minor scuffs in the plastic it looks brand new. The original plastic was taken off when new and stored in a box. It's included too. :D I raced two of these in the early 90's and loved them but don't have much experience with the new ones. Any of you guys ridden one? Is this a good deal? Give me some feedback. :)


Less than $2K is a steal and I'd pick it up if it were near me just to play with. Gosh, I'd buy it as a spare bike for my kids at that price if its as nice as you say. The dealer trade in on this bike is almost ~$2.5K and a dealer would sell this same bike for ~$3.5K used. If you don't want this bike and it happens to be in SoCal, let me know and I'll buy it tonight for $2K cash, otherwise jump on it if you like it :)

Compare similar bikes at

Its a STEAL. Thats a great bike.

Find out more about it at

I think it should go for $3000-$3500 or more.

If memory serves me- that bike was the holeshot king for the '01 250 smokes.

Most importantly-that bike at that price is about as good a BRP companion bike as it gets.

Its a STEAL. Thats a great bike.

That's what I was thinking. I can't go get it until Saturday morning but if it's still there it's mine. :) Sorry Qadsan it's on the opposite coast. :D

I had a '91 KTM 250 and absolutely loved it until the power valve decided to take a dump the day before the very last Blackwater 100. :D :D Maybe that was a good thing. :D Thanks for the replies. :D

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