WR 450 2012 fi diagnostic tool RSTORY DTS 30 WHO KNOWS WHAT IT



I think the DTC 30 means diagnostic trouble code 30.  The book has a fault code 30 for lean angle sensor.  I guess when you crash the check engine light comes on and the speedometer shows a 30.  There's also a trouble code 30 for ignition coil failure.  If the bike runs, it's probably just a code that got stored in memory for lean angle sensor.

Have you relocated your ECU?  People have done this with YZ450's for one reason or other and failed to mount the unit in an upright manner as it originally was, which throws the sensor off.


It's purpose is to detect when the bike is on its side, in which case it will shut the engine down after a set period.

ha) I do diagnostics on the stand!) maybe because of it! Code 30, the ignition coil, the engine is operating normally, but there is a problem on a hot start! Only after opening the throttle! C1 done from 0 to 20, all the same

ecu stand still

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