How do I get those oilseals out without damaging them ?

I'm took my swingarm off today for the first time, and I'm having a hard time getting those oil seals out. How do you guys manage to get them out without ruining the seal ?

Also, do you guys use a bearing puller to get those swingarm bearings out or do you just hammer them :) (I'm a bit scared of that one afraid I might ruin the bearing) ?

I personally didn't remove the races, only the needles. You don't even have to remove the seals if you're careful to keep everything very clean. I just removed the linkage, removed the needles, cleaned all of the races and each needle and then put it back together. I didn't see the need to remove the bearing races, too much work since I don't have a press.

Sirthumpalot - Thanx, wasn't keen on trying to get those races out myself, if you're leaving them seals in and having on problem cleaning the bearings I'd rather leave them in as well, before I stuff them up :)

It is not often my knack for oil seals comes in Handy. I am an Application Engineer for Chicago Rawhide (large manufacurer of oil seals and engineered rubber products). Part of my job is to coach people to use seals. As far as taking out the grease seals in the swing arm, if you take a screw driver and pop them out using a star pattern working your way around the outside diameter of the seal, there should be no damage to the seals. This of course is not recommended by any seal company, they want you to buy new ones each time, those cheezy grease seals should be fine for several bearing repackings......mine have lasted about 4 repackings of the bearings. I agree with the other guys about leaving the races in place and remove, clean and repack the needles. If you must replace the races, I take a socket, usually deep well, and drive out the races that way.

Hope this helps.


Tim, Sirthumpalot - I removed that rubbery packing from the bearings in my suspension linkages, removed the needles and put them back in. I wanted to do the same with the main swingarm bearings (where the swing arm itself bolts to the frame) but those needles seem to be seated in metal not that weird rubbery stuff, how do I get those needles out to clean them?

Tim - Thanx for the oil seal removal tipxyxthumbs.gif I'll give it a shot tonight.

Good question, unfortunately I've done every bearing except the swingarm bearings. I guess the first task is to figure out if the needles are attached or somehow held by the metal insert. Try something like sticking a strong magnet in there, or hold a strong magnet to a screw driver and insert the screw driver. If the needles aren't attached then this should get them out.

Unlike the rubbery stuff, if it's got a metal insert then I would be sure to put that back in as well!

I have pressed the swing arm bearings out, but with a little carb cleaner and a air compressor, you can leave the bearings in place. Just hose them down with carb cleaner, roll them with your fingers until they move nice and smooth, blow them out with air until they are 100% dry, then regrease while working the grease into the bearing. Of course you have to remove the grease seals and thrust bearings before you get to the bearings with the metal race.

Hope this helps


So it is okay to remove the rubber coating (yellow/orangish in color)that holds in the needles on the linkage bearings? My friend removed it and it seemed like some of the needles just fell out.

Originally posted by Panic_Rev:

So it is okay to remove the rubber coating (yellow/orangish in color)that holds in the needles on the linkage bearings? My friend removed it and it seemed like some of the needles just fell out.

Some people do, some people don't(I'm a don't). If you think about it, if you take all that stuff out, how do the bearings keep space between them?

Taking that stuff out, takes out half of the space in there. And yes you can get more grease in there now, "BUT" what keeps the bearings from all grouping together on one side?

If someone can answer me that, I might go for it. But the way I see it is, "It can't be bad to leave them in". "But it can be bad to take them out". RIGHT!???

Is there anyone out there thats feels like I do?

Is there anyone that nows the correct answer?????

THANX! ~Hitman~

the needles don't "group together", there isn't any more space with or without the "cheese" stuff that yamaha packs the bearings with. i just pulled all my cheese out and once you put the needles back in you'll see that, assuming you put them *all* back in, the spacing is just right. there's no more space than when the cheese was in there.

before you go doubting me, ask youself this question: suppose there was enough cheese to keep the needles "spread out" -- do you *really* think that the cheese stuff is going to keep the needles in a particular place under load? no way. the cheese has a bulk modulus similar to, hmmm, what's a good comparator, ummm, oh yes, PIZZA CHEESE. under load, that stuff doesn't count for anything -- the needles will go where sir newton predicts, that cheesy stuff isn't going to change the equation at all. if the needles could "group together" as you put it, they would do so with or without the cheese. meanwhile, a thick fluid like grease is nearly incompressible (4-7% at worst). so if anything is going to keep the bearings apart (if they need keeping apart), it's grease, not some spongy polymer.


Sirthumpalot - Tried everything to get those needles out, no luck looks like they're there to stay :)

Tim - Tried your oil seal removal trick, it

works biggthumpup.gif took out the oil seals in the swing arm and cleaned out those bearings with Wynn's Carb cleaner and dried them properly.

Panic_Rev, #1 Hit-man - Wrooster said it all, don't be afraid to remove it.

Sirthumpalot, Tim - Thanx for all your advice, it is greatly appreciated.bigok.gif

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