Yz450 plastics help!?

I have a 2003 yz450f and I want to put a newer looking front plate and front fender on it. Do any of you know if the bolt pattern for the 2013-15 front fender and number plate will match up? If you have a newer 450 withe the pointed fender and number plate can you post a pic of the bolt pattern and the back of the plate? Thanks!

You will have to drill a new hole maybe two for fender number plate probably not unless it bolts in same spot

The plate has one bolt into triple tree

Ok so the plate will fit. What's up with the fender? Is it 4 bolts?

Yes but two will be offline just take new fender put on old fender and drill new holes

UFO and a couple of other aftermarket plastics suppliers make the current design front fender/plate combos to retrofit the older bikes. 

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