Yz426 timing chain length

What is the correct length of the timing chain? I bought a hotcams chain and with the tensioner removed I can't get it over both came without rocking the cam under the chain and then just barely getting it into its cradle. Getting the dot level with the case is a nightmare doing this. Should it not be able to wrap over the cams with the tensioner completely off?

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Once the cam is rocked under the chain and in place it has slack in it but not very much, so it's not absurdly tight, just an absolute nightmare.

It is normal that the cam chain cannot be assembled over the second cam with both cams in their seats.  Has to be done by rocking the second cam, preferably the intake, under the chain, then rolling it down into place in the head.  Usually there isn't room to allow it to pass between the sprocket and the inside of the chain tunnel, anyway.

Well, got it in there and running. I ended up rocking the exhaust cam under it, would have tried it with the intake had I seen your post. I was real close to taking it to Yamaha. New to 4 stroke maintenence so I was worrying every step of the way.

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