WR450F'2012 Trail/Rock riding + 250lbs, which rear spring rate?

With racetech I get answers between 6,211 and 6,405 e.g the closest would be the 6,3 kg/mm spring.

What worries me is the fact that the rates change a lot when playing with the "skill level".

Apparently they factor in speed a lot and deviate lightheartedly from the ubiquitious rule of "empty sag 30mm / loaded sag 100mm". 


However, where I ride offroad, there is no speed at all, except when you fall down into a rocky ravine or off a fallen log, that one failed to climb over.

I know a WR450F is the wrong bike for that kind of trail riding but in between trail rides I do backcountry mountain roads, almost permanently banked at 45°, where on a 450 you only rarely have to shift ;)


Having competed many years in the Austrian Enduro Championship a decade ago, but nowadays riding only rocky single track trails in the woods I'm concerned, that the race-tech calculator primarily suits the "let's do WFO" type of racer and not the rock hoppers.


I'd like to

- run near to zero spring preload (to prevent the ugly feeling of the rear hitting end of travel whengetting airborne or doing nose wheelies)

- have a loaded sag (bkie + me) of 100mm (1/3 of rear wheel suspension travel)


Anyone out there @250 lbs and 100mm "race" sag w/o preload?  What rate would that be?



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Use the above links to find each companies spring rate calculator


I would estimate 6.2 / .52 rates for you.


You want to get the spring rates such that you can achieve the 25/100, so the steering will neutral.

Stiffer springs do not make for a stiffer ride, unless you go way over. That is the dampening.

In the other thread, both Cubera and I (in the 250+ range - I'm like 255 no gear) are using spring rates of:


.50 kg/mm Front

6.0 kg/mm Back


At least for me, it works well at speed / big hits, as well as the slow rocky stuff.  I'm not real picky on sag, but I don't have it cranked down a lot.  Speed is kind of relative, but I ride pretty quick.  I don't race desert, but I ride with guys who race Expert and I can hold my own.

I'm 225 ish in street clothes and my bike has been lightened nearly 25 pounds.  I'm running a 6.7 (!) and decreased compression damping.  I'm also running a YZ linkage and YZ shock body.


It works really well on rocks, roots, etc.  Floats over everything, stays planted at speed.  It might be a little on the soft side for more than 3 feet of air, but I don't do much of that, so I leave it alone.  It really hooks up on climbs.  It floats over stuff that used to bounce me off the seat.


The big secret on the WR rear shock is to revalve the high speed compression adjuster and replace the WR compression adjuster piston with a YZ part that has more/bigger holes.  The stock adjuster piston is too restrictive, making the bike too harsh on high speed stuff.


WRs don't have a lot of travel before they are on the rubber shock cushion.  Get a used YZ shock and move everything over.  Throw in the YZ linkage.  You won't believe the difference these changes make and its not expensive to do.


I'm getting to be a faster rider, so I might enjoy a stiffer suspension more than some.  But my 180 pound friend rode my bike and liked the suspension too, especially compared to his stock WR450F.  I rode his bike about 50 yards and had enough of it to hate the rear suspension.   

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Stiffer springs do not make for a stiffer ride, unless you go way over. That is the dampening.


Totally true.

Sounds like a 6.7 would be way over.. But if it works for you, then so be it. I have not tried, so cannot say one way or the other.

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6.2 for 250 and no gear

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