'14 YZ450F tips wanted

I am about to grab a '14 YZ450F with about 35 hours. Previous owner was a friend of mine, always maintained by the dealer (tech is also a friend). I know a bit about the bike in general, rode a '14 250F and loved the ergos and stuff. Been riding Yamahas (mostly 2 strokes) since 2002, been posting regularly in the 2stroke section but new to the 450 section of TT. I don't plan on modding it much except for suspension, tires and a braided front brake hose. Maybe an exhaust for looks if I find a good used deal.


As I want to keep the bike for a long time, are there flaws that I should address or things to look for? I'm basically looking for little tips from people who have had the bike and know its flaws.


Thanks guys.

Nothing really, setup is different. Go with sag from 90-100mm. Get the 15 lower motor mounts they make a big difference and cost like 20$. Use a 15 ecu map smooth power. Ride and enjoy. Cycra shroud setup shrinks approx 35mm from the front

Lots of things can help make the bike more enjoyable to ride. I could never get the bike to work with anything less then 100mm sag, too much over-steer. I'm sitting around 108mm. Obviously your suspension will make a difference when it comes to setup but the general consensus is most are raising their forks in the triple clamps a few MMs too.

Your height will determine your bar clamp position, I'm running mine in the post holes away from the rider but the clamps rotated back. I run a Scotts stabilizer to which really calms down the front end.

Mapping on the 14 can really help with the off-idle jumpiness. The tuners are virtually dummy proof and easy to learn.

I run my axle 3/4 way back on the swingarm. I also run the standard 13/49 gearing as I ride in the bush.

A Rekluse makes for a easier time in tricky situations but the clutch pull in nice and light so for some it might not be and issue.

I want to say the impeller shaft needs replaced. And as previously mentioned, 15 motor mounts. All I've done to mine is a revalve, skid plate and radiator braces. Gonna try a small flywheel weight and see if that helps tame it a bit more. Super aggressive motor in my opinion

The impeller shaft is fine it's just the shift shaft selector that needs to be changed from the bearing one to the updated one that just has a wheel on a pin is a $20 part and is pretty easy to do yourself

The 250f was the one that needed to impeller shaft replaced aswell the 450 has a different impeller shaft

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