2006 yz450f

Here's the situation picked up s bike at a good price blowing blue. The history on it is the guys kid destroyed the engine by running it out of oil. He put new case halves on it was that bad he also put on s big bore kit cause it was cheaper. So the bike is running again. 2 years after he falls over in deep water and the bike goes under. He gets it out and gets it running and by the time he's back to the truck its knocking and blowing blue. New crank and needed a ring but they don't make the kit anymore so he gets one matched and puts it together. But it's blowing blue and never ran right. He sells it and now I purchased it off the guy he sold it to , that guy guy it running good but still blowing blue. I tore the engine down and first thing I found was the retaining clip for the exhaust cam was bent and broken. Not good, then I found that the oil ring has 3 rings the 2 side rings had there ends lining up not good. So this brings me to my question. Re ring and new clip and go or re ring new clip and get head checked out and go or is there something else I should do

Hmm no response, well here is an update turns out my exhaust cam is pooched probably from that piece of retainer. So I need a new cam. Now in the auto industry we replace lifters with cams how picky are bikes should the lifters be done with the cam. Also running a new cam I think I should run new chain as well. Again automotive chain and sprockets can I just do chain? And is it recommended to change tensioner.

Cam drive or driven sprockets are not serviceable on a YZF. The cams and/or crank have to be replaced in the rare case either needs to be changed. Timing chains are a "cheap insurance" type of thing that you should just replace when the opportunity presents itself; at least annually.

Lifters do not need to be replaced with cams unless their condition warrants it.

Replace the valve seals and carefully inspect the cylinder and piston. The wear tolerance on the bore is only .002" because the bore is Nikasil plated.

Coolant steam is often mistaken for oil smoke. Be sure of what you're seeing. Be sure you follow the head torque procedure correctly.

Gonna take the head in and get it checked out. One lifter has a little mark so I will change that one. It was definitely blowing blue. The oil ring end gaps were lined up

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