Locktite? or no locktite

hey guys, i have my bike apart and greasing the swingarm and the linkage bearings but i do not have any locktite and i was wondering if i should hold off until i get some or if it is ok to put it back together without it. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Blue Loctite..


If you don't have Loctite you can use grease. Believe it or not, it works the same way as Loctite. I do it frequently and it works great.


I personally would wait for locktite before assembling the bolts that require it.

I've found that tightening the bolts properly will prevent then from loosening even without Loc-Tite.

I agree with MX tuner. I don't use Loc-tite on the swingarm bolts but I make sure clean the threads thorougly and torque the nuts to the proper specs. I have never had any to back off (knock on wood).

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