The x-ring experience

I only had to adjust my chain once for the initial break-in stretch. That was the only time that mine needed any adjustments. I checked it before, during and after each ride.

what type of x-ring chain did you buy??


I'm with scott on that, it'll probably be the only time you need to adjust you chain for stretching reason.

These chains (DID VM) are well worth the initial xtra bucks spent


It is aDID ERV2. They tell me at the bike shop that it's the strongest one that DID makes and that they use it for 520 conversions on 1100cc superbikes (to save weight over the original size on those bikes). I paid $140 which is probably a little high but I wanted it right away and they had it on the shelf. :) A word of warning, it comes with a rivet type master link (better but you need a special tool to install it) instead of a clip type.

Hopefully I'll have the same luck as you guys as far as stretch goes. If it keeps working like it did on the first ride then it's definitely worth the extra bucks to me!

I just sold my bike a year after installing the chain with only the one adjustment. This is with atleast 1 ride a week during that time. I loved my DID. When I am in need of a new chain I will replace the current regina O-Ring with another X-Ring.

Same for me. I think the first tightening is the result of all that gooie grease working it's way out of the chain. I'm not sure what they put on new chains but I haven't been able to find anything that cut it. Mine hasn't need another tighten since the first one.

1 silly question......

is a x-chain the same as a o-ring chain???

or are they different???


x ring is essentially the same as an o-ring except that the rubber " o-ring" seal has extra grooves in it to keep the lubrication inside the chain. If you were to look at a cross section of the "o ring" it would look more like an "x ring" Apparently the additional sealing surfaces act to lessen friction against the outter plates and ensure the inner lube does not escape.


Had my first ride with the x-ring chain. I'm sold on it performance wise! I added the chain and a new OEM chain block (which was much thicker than the original that was on the bike) and first thing I noticed was almost no chain slap and the chain itself was much MUCH quieter than my old chain. No more sqeaky metal sounds after 30 min of riding! I did not notice any drag at all, if anything there was less drag than with my old worn out regular chain.

Question for you long time x-ring guys. After about 1.5 hours of MX riding, I did notice that it stretched a bit. I set it to 1.75" of slack before I started the day, and at the end of the day the slack was about 2". My old chain would have stretched at least .5" so I'm happy, but should I expect it to stretch less after the initial use?

Yeah, the X-ring is an o-ring designed for less friction.

I'd like to add that the o-ring and x-ring chains last longer because they don't let dirt in(obviously). When standard chains 'stretch', the internals of the links are actually getting chewed out by the dirt, they get worn and give the impression that the metal has stretched.

Sorry if everyone already knows this, is there maybe just one person who didn't know?

One important thing to remember,when using a high quality chain that rarely needs adjustment is to use grease or anti-sieze on the adjuster bolts,(I learned the hard way).I enjoy working on my bike,but... drilling and tapping my swing arm after the bolts siezed was not my idea of fun.

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