tdm oversized caliper seizing on 426

hi again guys ive renewed seals etc on my front caliper(4 pot brembo/braking) with new disc, pads, seals, nipple and pins and now cant get the caliper to sit right and straight the caliper is pulling the disc out away from my wheel but also caliper is rubbing tiny bit on my spokes any info help guys to stop this or do I take some meat from 1 side pad?. it wouldn't pull disc out then? the pads I bought are from tdm or rs 250 amongst others. it was fitted and working before I bought the bike and decided after blown cylinder to rebuild the full machine and frame. this is last step whilst waiting for new rads and light kit from phillys offrad machines {custom design} and ive been on all weekend with it to no success.

Consider spacing the disc out away from the hub slightly.

hi thanks for reply we ended up grinding 2mm from bracket and spaced up perfect. ive located someone who can recoil recon stators anything electrical but need to no what i need to do to run twin 35w halagen bulbs headlight with no battery and a stop/tail light. headlight is off road use but the brake light will be used on the streets. i have 2002 yz426f fully restored original part from aftermarket levers/accsecories ect motor is oem with 2000 stainless valve kit. is it possible to rewind my stator and still use my flywheel etc or do i need to change all that side? not very tec knowledge or mechanics but manuals and YOU helped me alot thanks grayracer hope you can advise exactly what i need to replace to make this possible.

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