Rebuilding 426

Whats up guys finally got my wr gears in my yz and also put a new piston and just today it randomly seized on me so im thinking the piston is shot and cylinder. Where is the cheapest place to buy a new cylinder? I checked thumpertalk and it was like $500? I check another website and was $250. Anyone know of a good site with the lowest prices? Btw i did not get my cyclinder re plated when i put the bew piston in could that of caused a seize? Once it cools down the seize gets loose and i can start again then will run then lock up again and cant kick threw.

Either buy the rod, bearing, and crank pin, send to a shop for a rebuild, or buy a complete new crank.  The money is close to the same either way.

Gray racer when i buy a new jug is the cylinder ready to go plated and hatched? What are good low price websites to buy oem parts i seen the price for a jug from $300 to $288

New cylinders are ready to use.  Yours can probably be replated for less than the price of new.

Yeah mine got chewed up tho pretty deep scratches

Can still be refinished, nevertheless.  Contact Millennium Technologies. 

Im just gona go new and replace all thanks for the help

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