Accelerator pump spring!

How do I remove the accelerator pump spring to replace it? I got a Tokyo mods spring but can't remove the stock spring for the life of me!

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The rear spring stays

The new spring replaces the front spring

You have to pull the black arm off to replace it

I figured as much, the black arm will not come off, how is it removed?

I figured as much, the black arm will not come off, how is it removed?

Have you removed the small lock washer on the top of the black arm goes on? Have you removed the pump rod from it? Pop the rod out if you haven't, grab some pliers and give it a quick tug. If you have then you just need to pull and wiggle it out. Edited by RMK800

You have to remove the pump rod, and the circlip holding the black lever

The pump rod removes by pulling it straight down very's a snap-in fit

I have removed the lock washer, and attempted to pull the pump rod out it wouldn't budge. Now that I know it is infact the pump rod that comes out and the black clip should slide right out I'll give it another good tug hopefully not to break anything, after this I will have all my upgrades in, and my new 07 should be finally running after months!

Thank you guys I'll give it another shot!

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Got it! Thanks guys

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