E start yz 450?

Is it possible to take the whole side of a wr450 (covers and whole side of motor and estart and flywheel) and put it in a yz 450? I can rig up a switch but is it compatible? Do all the screws line up? My bike is a 2008 yz 450, starts good but pain in the ass when were on tight trails and places where I need both feet, this would be the ultimate bike if it came stock, I love the power but not the practicality

The problem is on the wr the crank on the left side is longer to fit the bigger flywheel and starter clutch. Also some issues with the starter mounts and clutch cable , the way to go would be a complete wr bottom end .

Screw it I'll sell it for a ktm lol

It all bolts on....for about $1200. :excuseme:

That's a lot , I probably will sell it for a bike with one

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