New/larger rear sprocket - what size chain?

It's time to replace the sprockets and chain on my 2012 WR450F, I have been running with the stock 13/50 sprocket set up and want to change to 13/52 (riding mostly tight woods, rocks & hill climbs). I know the stock chain is a 520/114, can I use the same length chain or should I order a 520/116? I'm assuming the 2 additional teeth on the new rear sprocket would use 2 additional chain links...not sure if this is correct?


Thanks for the help.

116 links should do it. I prefer to simply buy the 120 link chain and cut it to size. Save the extra links for potential chain repairs.

you can work it out with this calculator

Thanks bob-c. This is an awesome tool...searched the web for something like this w/o any luck.

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