Check it out!!!

that looks cool...but if you blocked off the top dipstick, where would you put the oil in? I remember BK talking about this mod a year ago...he said something like it raises the temp. of the crankcase oil by 10 degrees and requires an oil change every ride (no loss in reliability as long as the owner takes care of their bike). 3lbs of weight makes a big difference and especially since the weight is high up on the bike (imagine how light these 250f's can get with all the aftermarket stuff) I know Doug/Gina read this board maybe they could give us the details of the product and how much it costs! It doesnt look like a lot of metal in the kit, so maybe the kit is under the $100-$150 range! Later,


I hope it isint very expencive. Looks like a good idea. I would buy one for sure.

I don't know what the kits cost, but I do know they have to modify the oil pump plate. So it's not just a matter of blocking the holes off.

Has anyone tried this... I would like to hear some feedback before I consider this option.



The ad states that there is no loss of reliability, but I would like to know under what race conditions?

At a MX race, you could conceivably change the oil after every moto, but what about a 2 hour harescramble?

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