Big fuel tank on 650R!

I would like to add a big tank on my 2000 650R. Any brands you recomend? How about instalation, any tricks or does it just slide in and bolt on? Thanks and looking forward to another BAJA trip!! :)

Welcome to the board. The search feature here is awesome. This topic has been beaten to death... The most popular on this site is the Clarke.

Asked a similar question earlier. Consensus seems to be that the Clarke's fit and finish is virtually OEM, while the IMS (4.6 gal or whatnot) has several fitment problems. The IMS 3.1 does also, but is thinner in the cockpit area than the Clarke and even the stocker, which is a huge plus. Hope this helps; I settled on a Clarke myself and could not be happier. :)

The IMS I thought had issue fitting correctly with a pumper carb installed. How are the color matching schemes with the Clarkes, close to stock?

I have the Acerbis 6 gal tank but haven't had it on long enough to give much is big and won't allow normal front turnsignals on HL housing or fork mounted. I have heard that when full it is difficult to handle in tight places due to the weight. My type of riding is 20% highway and 80% backroads/fire roads so the weight issue probably won't matter. I'm used to handling an 850 lb bike so 350 or so is a feather weight to me.

The IMS I thought had issue fitting correctly with a pumper carb installed. How are the color matching schemes with the Clarkes, close to stock?

I've had both Clarke & IMS and both fit fine with my Edelbrock QwikSilver pumper carb. The IMS required me to trim one of my radiator shrouds to fit properly, but that had nothing to do with my pumper carb. The fit, finish, quality & color matching of the Clarke appears to be superior to the IMS based on my personal experiences, but I prefer the physical size of the IMS 3.2.

Is the complete capacity of the IMS 3.2 gallons or is there a reserve also? The stock tank with reserve is about 2.9 gallons give or take. Whats the point of spending 200 bucks on the IMS for .4 gallons? Why not get the 4.2 or whatever it is?

I thought the stock tank was more like 2.6 gallons total?

The stock tank is 2.6 gallons including reserve. The IMS 3.2 gives you 0.6 gallons more fuel on paper, but in actuality it gives you a bit more because as I recall my 3.2 held closer to 3.5 gallons. At one time I lined up all the different tanks I had, then took pictures, measurements, measured actual capacities, etc, and I was planning to post all the relavent data, but its been misplaced long ago. As I recall, the IMS 3.2 is actually a tiny bit thinner through the knee area than the stock tank and about 1.5 inches thinner in the knee area than the Clarke 4.3, which is quite significant. I don't recall how big the reserve is on the IMS 3.2, but I recall the total capacity being about 3.5 gallons, which gives me enough range for most of my rides as opposed to the stock tank where I'd frequently run out of fuel. My Clarke 4.3 as I recall held just shy of 5 gallons on a hot day, which was significantly more than the rated capacity. I could simply keep the Clarke on all the time and have plenty of capacity, but I prefer the slimness of the IMS 3.2, which gives me enough range for 95% of my riding needs. If you want the nicest looking, best color matching & best fitting higher capacity tank, then the Clarke 4.3 would be my pick, but I like the physical size (mainly the slimness) of the IMS 3.2 better for my needs.

The IMS it is then. Thanks Qadsan!

I have an IMS 4.6 gallon tank and really have never had any problems with it. I have used it in tight mountain trails which is where most of riding is done and on long desert runs. Believe me 4.6 gallons or more is a must if your going over 99 miles round trip. Easy to do in the open desert.

Anybody out there know how many "safe" race miles you can get on the IMS 3.2 drybrake tank? I don't want to run out a few hundred yards from my pit? Any comments on this one?


If the Edelbrock pump isnt set up right its safe to say 75 is the conservative minimum. If the bike is jetted lean (carb or edelbrock), or the pumper is slightly 'lean'- then you can get 85 or more-no problem. I have gone almost exactly 100 miles on that tank-but not at race speeds...make sure you fill it up to the limit-and the fine tuning of either the Keihin or Edelbrock strongly affects the fuel economy...

With that tank I hit reserve at mile 52 of the Parker 250 last month after racing with an improperly adjusted carb (i put the stock pipe back on at the last minute), and with about 3 fingers worth of fuel short of the max. By racing at 1/8 throttle i managed to go 23 miles on reserve and get into my pit....but only after being passed by everyone-then i had to continue ironmanning for 175 miles behind those dusty quads....not fun.

Sunny- what race ya got commin up?

...75 is the conservative minimum...

That's exactly what I was going to say as well based on my riding experiences, but I'm only a weekend warrior that doesn't get to ride nearly as often as I'd like to. I too have got almost exactly 100 miles from the IMS 3.2 tank, but I wouldn't count on it as a minimum and agree with the 75 mile figure.

That is about what I figured on the mileage. I just ordered the 3.2, but realized that it does not come with the actual quick fill mechanism in the tank. Don't ask me why, but I thought that it came together. If anyone has an extra they are trying to get rid of, let me know.

Mike, the Pacifico 300 this coming Sunday. Starts at 0700 if you want to join in. Pretty sweet course actually. I was up pre-running this weekend. Almost 200 miles total. Heads west out of La Paz then at the coast turns south. At Todos Santos it cuts back inland then back north to La Paz for the finish around one of the local race courses. There is a bit of everything. Lots of wide open and lots of technical tight stuff, as well as nasty boldered areas, the famous "filos" just out of La Paz. Good stuff.

It is the first race of the season, so I am looking forward to at least a top 3 finish. You have to get down here for one of these races, they are really a lot of fun.

Anyhow, talk to you later.


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