2011 yz450f no oil in sight glass

Started up my 2011 yz450f like I usually do every two weeks. Oil level has always been in spec. But this time after warming up, I shut the bike off and oil was gone? Only thing I can think of is dropping the bike down from the bike stand caused the oil to move to the secondary oil sump, not sure of the proper name, any ideas? Little confused here

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Is this a 2015 like you said in the text, or a 2011 like you said in the title?  Makes a difference.

Sorry 2011. Auto correct....

 Auto correct....


Really? :cool:


The first thing that comes to mind, since you stated nothing about having just changed the oil, or any other indication that there should be a certain amount of oil in the engine, is that you're low on oil.   If you still have this problem after changing the oil and adding the correct prescribed amount, you may have a problem.  You might also see what adding 100cc does for you.


Starting the engine every couple of weeks and then not riding it for long enough to bring it up to normal operating temps will partially foul your spark plug, and build up fuel and acids in your oil.  Not really a very good idea.

Oil has only 2 rides on it. 4 hours tops, and I was told because it's fuel injected, I need to start it up and let it warm up to operating temp at least once every two weeks or I'll have injector problems.

Operating temperature is when the oil, not the coolant, reaches 160 degrees.  That takes about 15 minutes of actual riding to accomplish. 

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