What are the differences in an 2001 versus 2002 426

A dealer near me has two 2001 426's that he is looking to deal on.

Are there any major differences with the 2001 versus the 2002? Thanks.

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There are a few "fine tuning" new features. Check out the Yamaha website and look at the new features. That will be the difference between the two. My riding bud has a 02 and I have a 01. I can't tell any difference between the two.

I too bought one of the last remaining 01 426's from the local dealer. Saved more about $1500 over the cost of the 02. Not many dealers had the 01's left here in central FL.

Here is my take on the differences. As previous post said, you can always check yamaha's website.

1. Top triple clamp on the 02 is new. Looks like it moves the bar mounts forward just a touch.

2. Front hub is wider, and supposedly lighter.

3. Some tuning on the CDI (whatever).

So - nothing worth spending the extra cash for IMHO.

YZRider: What was the dealer offering for your 2001? My dealer said he is marking them down to $4,500. That means out the door it would be around $4,900 (mainly tax and setup). It seemed like a good deal, however, my cousin got out the door in the low $5,000's (like 5200) for an 2002. I don't know if it is such a good deal if I am only going to save $3-400.


1.Revamped carb settings for crisper throttle response.

2.Remapped digital CD ignition for more precise spark.

3.Lighter and stronger swingarm, also larger diameter pivot.

4.Revised rising rate on shock linkage.

5.Wider and lihter front hub.

6.Larger, 245mm diameter rear brake rotor.

7.Handlebar mounts have been moved 10mm farther forward.

I didn't read about any of this, I just noticed by looking at the new bike, honest!


The only *real* difference between the 01 and the 02 models are:

1. One is the 01 model.

2. One is the 02 model.

I got the 01 out the door for about $5100, but this included a 5 year theft protection plan. The quoted price was initially $4999, but I offered $4750 and they took the deal. I bought the bike in January of 2002 after my 00 426 was stolen.

The bikes are the same. I believe that the MSRP for the 01 and 02 models were exactly the same. My opinion would be take the 01 and use the money you save for later mods you may find necessary.

Just like all past models starting back in 98, each model year had a few refinements. Ben suhard was right + tweeked carbs on 02's so BK mod is not needed. Bigger brake rotors, stronger calipers, steeper steering angle, no more mushy front brake, a few other goodies. Is it worth it to you to pay the extra? I don't know about you but it was for me, and you will make up any differance when you go to sell ole blue later on. Not to mention so far this year sales have been slow, so dealers will deal on any model just to move-em.. Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling of having a brand new this years model and not last years left-over's :)


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